Why You Should Join Medium Membership

Let’s read the Benefits of joining the Medium membership:

Because this platform respects readers and writers, you consume quality content without distractions.

I joined Medium Membership in the first wave of Covid-19; before that, I only consumed free articles, but in that Lockdown, we didn’t have many opportunities, and I paid the $5. I was overwhelmed by the quality of the content. Such kind of content you will not find everywhere for just $5 per month. However, it is slightly costly for Indian students. But the quality of the content is much -much better.

How to save and pay $5:

If you are a student, you can save your pocket money, a lot of stuff you buy that you do not need, even you can save your one-time meals at any fast-food chain, you can quickly pay $5. then you can see that this investment will give the best return in just 30 days.

I have listed 5 reasons why you should join Medium Membership.

  1. Add free Platform: This is the first beauty of this platform. Thanks for
    Ev Williams
  2. Get Immediate response by Writer/ Author: If you have any contrarian opinions, write in the comment section, Tag the Author within 24 hours you get the feedback.
  3. Unique Content: 90% of Writers write their own experiences because medium algorithms work better on them.
  4. Monetize your interest: You choose your content based on your interest and passion. You can also select a publication like I am running a Startups, and I am a big fan of startup Publication.
  5. Cancel Your Membership Any time: You can cancel it if you do not like the content; there is no hidden charge.

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