Why is Meditation Necessary?

You can live without food, live without water but not without air.

People understand Meditation is very complex, and young millennials do not need it because they are young. However, Meditation is for everyone, as simple as food is required for everybody. So I make it simple and see how Meditation is vital for the human body.

You know that the human body can not survive with food, without water and air.

But to some extent, you can survive without food in a month without water in a week, but without air, you can not survive in a minute. So Meditation is the practice of the individual process of taking a breath and leaving a breath and focusing on your thoughts.

Although you are taking a breath the whole 24 hours, it’s not Meditation; this is the biggest mistake by everyone trying to develop mediation in his life.

Just sit 5 minutes calm in the Morning and 5 minutes Evening before going to bed. Make sure ambience must be pin-drop silence in the first 90 days. After 90 days, once mediation becomes your habit, you can create pin-drop silence yourself everywhere in your house.

“Meditate… do not delay, lest you later regret it.”_ Buddha

Conclusion: Earlier, I was thinking of Meditation only for Business Man people who have hectic schedules and want to improve their cognitive behaviour and focus in his life. But as 30 years old professional, it improves my work-life balance and my focus on the project. If you start Meditation in your 20 within five years of spam, you can see yourself the magic of Meditation; It only takes 10 minutes every day.  People thought 

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