Three Things Never Sleep

The human body sleep, but these three are not.

Time: You know what time is; still, you will waste it the very next day. Please respect the time; do not waste a single second doing something not worth it. We listen every day from kindergarten to graduation and do not waste our time, but we waste our maximum time after graduation. There are various books on time management you read it.

“Take care of the minutes and the hours will take care of themselves.” – Lord Chesterfield

Money: Everybody loves Money, but they do not know what Money loves. What are the attributes of Money?

Subconscious Mind: One of the most amazing things have every human being. Work on your subconscious mind, activate it, feed it with your desire, emotion, and your action, and within 90 days, you can see the magic of it.

The reason man may become the master of his destiny is that he has the power to influence his subconscious mind.” — Napoleon Hill.

Conclusion: If you make compatibility in all three i.e. three things, never sleep. No one can stop you from becoming a successful person on this planet. The article was originally published on Medium. Thank you for reading.

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