Redefining People’s Food Habits

 Redefining your food habits; Redefining your Success! what kind of habits you can inculcate while you eat.

Habits, you know, what are eating habits? you also know. Somehow less and more from your childhood. Now I define it; according to time and technology, you need to change it. Now we are a human, a creature of habits.

As we have grown up, we got some lessons from our parents and sibling, about how to eat, what to eat, and when to eat; food is one of the essential habits we can not ignore. Every human being at least eats three times a day. Still, we do not have a fixed time to eat, from childhood, we eat everything randomly that is not good as we are growing up, these habits become more invigourate and when we enter in competition zone we need to fix this habits because unknowingly we spend a lot of time on eating random foods.

Either junk or unhealthy food, it’s compounding over time, it gives you a massive effect on your life. You know that anything compounding over time, either good or bad, makes you or breaks you. If we save this time and utilize it in our study or goal, we can become masters in communications skills. And you know how important it is.

“Any problem, big or small, always seems to start with bad communication within a family. Someone isn’t listening.”_Emma Thompson

Let’s see some statistics behind this habit how much time to consume every day eating.

It’s compulsory to eat a day thrice; our body is developed as a human being. Let’s see how much time we consume every day on our meals. I will give you 20 minutes to every meal each day while you eat, that is 60 minutes every day we consume, and within a month, we spend 30 hours, and within a year, we consume 365 hours. This is my statics which I consume for a year. But a lot of my friends spend it double.

That is 730 hours every year. Suppose we inculcate some habits while we eat. We can become masters in communications skills within a 5 to 10 years time span.

According to Malcolm Gladwell: if you want to become a master in your life, if you have given 10 thousand hours on particular skills, you become a master in those skills. So let’s find what skills we can inculcate in eating food habits. While you eat, you can listen to audiobooks or podcasts.

These two are most convenient for listening to books while you eat. Do not watch TV and youtube while you eat. Because you can not focus on the same thing together, i.e., eating and watching. But while listening to the audio, you only need to focus on listening to the conversion, and your eye can focus on the food.

Why we need to redefine it:

Humans and food all have been existing from before 10,000 BC. But if we see the growth of the last 100 years, time is flying so fast. If you are a young millennial, you only remember the last 20 years to see the growth of the previous 20 years. We were now where we are. From 1990 and 2000 we have enough time to study because there was no internet, no virtual world—everything we used to do physically.

I want to let you know one simple thing if you want to give the information to someone else for something, it will take one week to a max of one month, but now you can do this activity within a minute or less. The generations of 20 and 30 years ago were zero distraction, but now every child gets distracted every second. It’s no matter how disciplined your children, so they can not focus 100% on their studies. If we can use technology smartly and alien with technology, we can achieve anything.

“The advance of technology is based on making it fit in so that you don’t really even notice it, so it’s part of everyday life.”-Bill Gates.

The last 20 years were the same 24 hours for everyone with zero distraction. Now we have 24 hours but with 100% distraction every second.

So if you want to gain maximum output in these 24 hours, you focus only on those habits that you can not live without in 24 hours, like eating, bathing, washing, and cleaning the kitchen utensils. These four are the activities of every human being for every home.

If you are a school-going or college graduate student, you can skip some activities. So I am talking about mainly three habits eating, washing, bathing, Morning grooming also. On these four habits, you can spend every day 60 to 90 minutes.

Now I hope you have a smartphone and that phone must have an internet connection. So what will you do next time while you eat? You can listen to 1 TEDx talk, Josh’s talk, any age group can listen, but if you are specific and then listen to audio, there are various audiobooks. Personally, I use three Audiobooks.

1. Audible: 1 month free after that you can pay 200 INR /month

2. Storytel: 1 month free after that you can 300 INR/ month

3. Headway: 7 days free after that you can 2500 INR/ year, but it does not pay if you are a beginner. You will get one free book every day. There is no need to pay any amount for one book free every day.

You become what you eat, read and listen while you eat.

Personally, I am using this app for the last year. But the book choice you will get randomly. These also another good thing. Every day you test new words and a new lesson. It gives you another kind of thinking pattern; your brain works smartly on it. It challenges your brain every day.

Now when we are at home or in a college hostel, we will get everything on one plate. But once we step out of our home, we only get basic Thaali to eat. As a student we have limited money, we can not eat every day curd, with every meal. Even Zomato and Swiggy will not provide you with your meals. You can order separately from another delivery player, and we do not have enough time to do these activities.

Another vivid example: If you want to eat only one piece of Mango with your lunch again, Zomato and Swiggy will not provide you with only one piece of Mango; even other delivery players do not provide you with a single piece of mango. A similar case happens for dinner. So if you order your Tiffin box from TIFFINQNQ.COM, you will get all the benefits. And while eating, you can listen to your favorite podcast and clubhouse. 

Redefine People’s Food Habits : Redefine your Success: SDR

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