Invest in the Stock Market Through Your LifeStyle

There is no need to know Balance sheets, ROE, ROCE, and any fundamental analysis to invest in the Stock Market.

Whatever products and services you are using for the last Five or Ten years, it’s enough to invest in the stock market and get handsome returns.

“Behind every stock is a company; find out what they are doing and what you are using.” Charlie Munger

Without knowing and proper practice, if you try any new thing, you can be crash. If you ask, surrounded by people, do you invest in the stock market? Without any further delay and do not even think a second, they immediately replied Stock Market is gambling. Do not invest in the Stock Market. Your money will be sunk.

During this COVID-19 recession, I tried to convince my elder brother to invest in the share market. He has firmly replied, Do not invest in the share market its a gambling. However, he has a corporate job in a multi-national tire company.

Some famous tire companies like MRF, JK Tyre, Apollo Tyre, Birla Tyre. You can check on or google it,  how much returned all have given within six months.

But such kind of scenario is not favourable for everyone. 

“Risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing.”  – Warren Buffett


Every young millennial has more than a dozen T-shirts, a dozen pairs of shoes, watches, jeans, etc. The average price of single apparel is 1000 to 3000 INR, and every week they spend more than 1000 INR on dinner and fast food.

My point is you do not need to buy six pairs of shoes or a dozen t-shirts; instead, invest the sum in the stock market, say NIFTY 50 stocks (if you want to read how to pick any share, read it Eight parameters to invest in the stock market). Once you earn a sweet profit on your investment, you can buy all the fancy stuff and would still have the requisite left to re-invest.

“Spend each day trying to be a little wiser than you were when you woke up.” — Charlie Munger.

Grocery and Food:

What kind of product you are using for daily consumption like Salt is the use of every home on this planet, then you can buy Tata Consumer share. If you want to pick up washable or detergent, you can pick Jyothi Lab. A lot of young millennials fond of personal grooming. You can buy Gillette Share. 

Car and Bike:

Some people drive a car and Bike is undoubtedly, but they do not have a single share of that automobile company.

Supposed you have driving Maruti-Suzuki car, Tata Motors, Hyundai Motors, Honda Motors, and any other Automobile brand you can invest in either of them. 

Whatever expense of your petrol in one month, next month you can commute by public transport and save to be used the money on petrol and average fuel consumption is about 10,000 INR, per month. From this money, you can buy shares of your favourite automobile brand company.

“The secret to investing is to figure out the value of something — and then pay a lot less.”

_Joel Greenblatt


Another wonderful example of the world of smartphones. A smartphone has its purchasing cost and an operating cost, aka balance recharge. Next time you buy a phone, invest in the stocks of the brand itself.

A Netflix or Amazon Prime top-up should validate investment in their respective stocks as well. A 599 or 999 recharge should be accompanied by an investment in your favourite telecom provider.

Travel by Airlines:

My lot of friends travel by air and you too. But they do not have any share of any airlines company. If they manage 2 to 3 airfare and travel by railway, they can easily invest 50,000 to 100000 INR Per Year.

In the current situation, every airline company’s share price is down by more than 50%. Once the COVID-19 vaccine comes, all Airlines share price break their 52 weeks high. 

There are Ups and Downs in Life, but You can Choose to Keep Surging Forward.

Conclusion: You do not need to know a firm’s balance sheets or ROE, or ROCE. Suppose for a moment your investment goes down, be patient; there is no point in panicking, and you never sell your shares at a loss. Stocks market’s core DNA is ups and downs. Whenever your share price is going down, accumulate it, and whenever the share price is going up, book your profit. I have written my own experience; it does not take guarantee of your profit and loss. Before investing in any company, you have to do your own extensive research. Thanks for reading!

“ Be fearful when others are greedy. Be greedy when others are fearful.”__ Warren Buffet

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