Google, YouTube and Medium

People are addicted and waste their time, and Google’s algorithm works beautifully on it.

There is no need to introduce these three platforms, whether people find them helpful or not, and their algorithm works on both sides. But, unfortunately,

my experience has been a mix-up. When I was naive in the internet world, I used to waste my time finding relevant content.

How to react, its algorithm to my like or dislike:

I don’t know which video I should watch, but its algorithm works according to my likes or dislikes. Slowly,

I realized that according to my preferences, its algorithm gave me the same kind of content, sometimes better than the earlier one, and some were useless.

It’s a waste of your 80% of the time:

If you are trying to find some unique and solid content or information as per your curiosity, it’s tough for you to find it on the first go.

If you want to spend 1 hour on it, 80% time you will be wasting, and only 20% time you can find as per your need.

For example, suppose you are discovering how to develop writing habits, you can find plenty of videos, and you do not know which one you should watch.

If you spend 1 hour, the maximum of your time goes to waste. You do not find valuable content. Only 20% of the time you can find excellent or relevant content.

Google Youtube is a Mostly Free source to consume knowledge and waste Your Time:

If you watch 10 minutes video and You do not find it relevant, it irritates you, It algorithm shows you the next following video with a curious title, you think this video is helpful, but it can’t, and you are still persistent.

Its algorithm gives good content. And same I told you earlier 80% of the time go waste, that’s why these two are the most free sources to waste our time. But after spending more than five years on Google and Youtube, it’s better if you can shift to Medium.


If you can afford $5, you can switch to the Medium partner program. Its creators and readers are both paid members, and it’s an ad-free platform.

There is no click-bet article on it. Some creators also embedded the video link of some content you directly bring to the Youtube platform.

Once you become a member from here for 90 days, you can only spend 1 hour every day consuming the content. After 90 days, you judge yourself which one is better. The last year, I primarily consumed the content and took action on it.


If you are watching anyone’s video, you must like and dislike it, and its algorithms work on your likes and dislikes, the very following content gives you better than the earlier one.

Google and Medium algorithms also work in your favor if you comment or clap at someone’s article. The article is originally published on Medium. Thank you for reading!

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