COVID-19, Second Wave

The Covid-19 Second Wave is not powerful; People have become more CARELESS.

There are two kinds of people who become more careless:

  1. Young Millennials had not suffered in the first wave; They have become careless,

 Some of my family members and relatives infected due to one marriage ceremony, although they recover within 5 to 7 days, please avoid it. Otherwise, you will become a part of the coming peak.

    2. Senior citizens who had taken a complete dose of Vaccine, still infected. Because they take the vaccine as a granted and become careless.

COVID-19’s second wave is nothing; this is just checking how resilient you are and how solid your lifestyles.

Always follow some COVID-19 proof process:

  • Always maintain the distance with N95 Mask, sanitize yourself as per your need.
  • Drink hot water and always carry an electric kettle. It will not cost more than 1000 INR. Do not give the excuse you do not have hot water,
  • Developed a healthy mindset; write some affirmation like:
  • I have a strong immune system, and I love my family,
  • I have healthy, wealthy and Fit family members.
  • If a virus entered your body, you could recover within 7 to 10 days, but it will take more time if it enters your brain.
  • For the last 10 days, I was helping out other +ve people. All are recovered. I am still healthy and fit.
Covid-19 Second wave
Author’s Covid-19 Negative report in the Second wave

Do not watch unauthorised TV or Youtube channel; keep away from panic.


Don’t be panic from the second wave; keep away from them. Developed a COVID-19 proof process, be consistent with it; after 90 days, it will become your habits, and habits are more powerful assets of every human being. After that, you can defeat any virus.

I hope some people get benefited from this post.

If you suffered from the second wave, please write your experience in the comment section. The article is originally published on Author’s Medium profile. Thank you for reading.

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