Covid-19, Second Wave and My Lessons

Let’s read the Second Wave and my lessons: As an entrepreneurial instinct, I master anticipating the future, especially when European and Western Country already suffered; we need to prepare for it.

First wave and its lessons
I managed the first wave of March 2020 very beautifully because I observed the China case. I am from India, so china and India very much some similarity like population, lifestyle and food habits. I was living in a big city in India, New Delhi. Before the government announce any lockdown, I safely landed in our lovely village with my wife. We have a joint family, so we enjoy the 60 days lockdown and learnt three new skills, 1. Writing 2. Public Speaking 2. Investing.

  • If the lockdown had not happened, I’d not learn all three skills.
  • During the first wave, no one in my family was infected.

Second wave and its lessons
In the new year, according to our family planning, I became the father on 11 Jan 2021, and I am a firm believer in the law of attraction. So God planned very beautifully to introduce the new and little member to our family.

So I do not want to give any major responsibility to my wife to take care of the baby. As a father, I took more than 50 % responsibility for our baby. So I decided in the next 6 month we can’t leave my baby with my family. I am caring for the baby myself. It gives me a totally new level of experience.

Now the second wave of COVID-19 hit our family, and 6 members got infected. Three are senior citizen, and three are below 30 years old. However, my elder brother well-known General Physician, so the case has not become severe. All recovered within 15 days; this time, my family members did not take it seriously; Mom, Dad and Uncle became careless because they had taken the vaccine. Still, they got infected.

Taking vaccines alone is not a solution if you are not wearing a mask and maintaining social distance,

My younger brother got infected, but I was not.
Because I have solid lifestyle habits, unlike my brother, who does not have good habits.

My discipline kept me away from getting infected.
I drink two glass of hot water every morning since last year of March 2020; I have separate electric hot water, I used to carry everywhere if I stay more than 24 hours.
Exercising a minimum of 30 minutes every day, 20 pushups, 20 squats and 100 cross legs. Without this physical workout, I can not start my day. This routine I have followed since GYM was closed from COVID-19 first wave.

Third-wave and its precautions:
As per the medical research report, COVID-19 third wave will hit after September 2021

  • Try to take the vaccine if you are eligible.
  • Develop a strong lifestyle to boost your immune system.
  • Always wear the mask; let it become your identity and lifeguard.
  • Do not panic from the second or third wave if you are already taking precautions.

If you have suffered from COVID-19, please write your lessons in the comment section. Thank You for reading! The article is originally published on Medium.

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