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Welcome to ReadnbRich! My name is Shyamdeo Ranjan; My vision is to help the young Millennials understand their purpose in life, as I felt our education system failed to teach us.

Reading means not studying your school or semester syllabus, but People rarely read or write anything once they have completed their academic journey and embarked on their professional journey.

My article is based on my deep research, creativity, and my past lesson. It’s relevant to the current scenario and matches your life. If you read my single article, you can get lots of insight and improve your health and wealth and personal relationship significantly.

Read—Think—Analyse—Act—Desired Success!

Born of ReadnbRich:

I knew blogging for the first time at the end of 2015, but I don’t know how to start. I do not want to start anything unless I add value to my readers better than others; readers’ time is more valuable than Author. So I had to be busy with my job and decided to give it more time to explore. In between, I inculcated a reading habit. 2016–17 I hardly finished one book per month, but now I finish 4–5 books a month and simultaneously found some interesting blogging websites that help me a lot, like health, financial service, and the law of attraction.

Still, there is no solid blogging on self-improvement. Personal growth requires your time and energy and a good internet connection, and time is not more than 30 minutes a day. In this time, the knowledge gathered is utilized in my startup and share market.

Simultaneously I was also active on medium. I wrote a few articles on it, read and commented on thousands of other articles every month, and got a lot of applause and appreciation from readers. Some of my friends also suggested that your creativity is rare, so you do something in the writing field, and suddenly the pandemic happened, and the world was at rest in a concise span. It clicked in my mind that this is the right time to follow my passion. because once COVID-19 is over, I will hardly get the straight 24 hrs per day to work on my passion, and over this pandemic, I have only three works,

1. Read

2. Write and

3. Sleep

So I booked my domain name www.readnbrich.com, but the question is why Rich and how to become Rich by Reading? I like reading; I do not leave without reading; I read at least 100 pages every day. No matter where I am and what my situations are?

Suppose I get 24 hours a day. I read 100 pages every day. Secondly, my goal is to become rich. If I execute my startup; well and serve meals to billions of people every day, I can beat the richest man on the planet. Over the decades (some of my friends laughed at my goal, including my wife, too. Reading helped me a lot to create a billion-dollar startup and developed leadership skills.)

Apart from my financial goal, reading also makes me rich in personal, professional, and social life. That’s why I book my domain name ReadnbRich.

“A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies . The man who never reads lives only one.”

– George R.R. Martin

How to Become Rich by Reading:

“If knowledge is power, then reading is a superpower.”

-Jim Kwik.

You know that as a human being, you have a beautiful brain, and this brain is the most powerful universe for you. and the brain only understands read and write; other living species like animals don’t understand reading and writing. My suggestion would be to differentiate yourself from Animals; You must read 1 or 2 pages every day if you have just completed your graduation degree. So you must read and improve your life, Styles, and Brain Power.

According to Brain expert Tony Buzan, your brain has about 100 Billion cells, each directly and indirectly connected via ganglia and dendrites to 20,000 thousand other cells. The number of ideas and thoughts generated is 100 billion to the 20,000th power, equivalent to number one followed by eight pages of zero, line by line.

The number of thoughts you can think of is higher than the number of molecules in the known universe. You can unlock the potential genius in you, provided you practice the art of reading and writing every single day of your life. You can activate these neural pathways and achieve anything in your life through the power of reading, writing and exercising, and visualizing and using the subconscious mind. So you can say that in layman’s terms reading and writing is food for your brain.

I don’t read any fiction or story-based books just for consuming knowledge. If you only consume the knowledge and don’t take action, that knowledge is garbage for your brain. As simple as you can not buy any items or products for your home or personal use if you don’t use it, just buying and storing it does not improve your personal and professional life, so only read the books on Time Management, Strategy, Tools, and techniques, try to implement them and read biographies that inspire you to take action on it.

There is no transaction without action, and without transaction, there is no richness in your life. Suppose you want richness in any area of your life, either personal, professional, financial, and Social. The action is necessary; without action, there is no growth, so read something that inspires you to take action. Brian Tracy says: He has never met a person who had not seen sweeping changes in their life post practising the art of reading for a prolonged period.

Reading means it would not be what you have studied in your school or semester syllabus; reading means you do not teach in your school and college. You can understand better from this quote:

“If you do what you have studied, you will survive. But if you do what you have not studied, You will be the leader.”

_ Dr A. Velumani.

Why Rich:

Rich meant one obvious meaning is you possess a lot of money that is good but by-products. And in my opinion, Human beings require richness in every area of their life, personal, professional, Financial, and Social life. If you land at ReadnbRich, You read something that inspires you to improve yourself.

I never write anything that you are only consuming the knowledge unless you do not take action. Because only consuming the knowledge, you never become rich. You only become rich by-products either you are selling the products or creating the products. You become rich also without a product that is called luck and luck by lottery. Lottery money never created the recurring income of stream for you,

In history, having many examples by reading has created a lot of wealth. Some examples are Bob Proctor, Brian Tracy, Napoleon Hill, Dan Lok, Oprah Winfrey, and many more you can see the Top 100 Self-Made Billionaires and millionaires spend their maximum time on reading.

“Everybody can read what I read; it is a level playing field.”

_Warren Buffett:

There are dozens of books on it, Like: Think and Grow Rich, The Science of Getting Rich. but all the books you can not understand at first read, so you need to re-read, but a lot of people don’t have time to re-read, so they can land on www.readnbrich.com Whatever content you consume here you must take action on it. You can re-read and implement it in your endeavour.

Let’s be more practical about it; money is the only need of human beings; apart from human beings, there is no need for money for other species to survive their life.

Through ReadnbRich.com, I want to help the young millennials understand their purpose in life as I felt that our education system failed it. ReadnbRich’s mission is to inculcate reading habits in every human being on this planet earth.

Any feedback and associations you can connect me on Linkedin or readnbrich@gmail.com. Thank You!

“Reading is essential for those who seek to rise above the ordinary.”

– Jim Rohn