ABC of Leadership

All three ABCs of Leadership are common but it’s hard to practice in your leadership.

ABC of Leadership is the main body of our leadership. It’s what we want to achieve and how we go about it.

Attitudes: This word you have listened to many times but you never try to practice, Attitudes is something about how you respond to someone, how you feel about yourself and as well as others, and how you react to some specific situations which is not in your control.

It depends on whether either person controls their attitudes or attitudes control them. Don’t try to control you just show your attitude in your work.

Attitude is something you are never taught in school and college, There are various types of attitudes you need to develop according to your job profile. Leadership requires a winning attitude and collaborating attitude. If you are lacking in it, you can read more about Attitude in the book titled “Attitude is Everything” by Jeff Keller.

Behavior: Behavior is the way you act. It’s the things you do and say. Behavior is not just about what you wear, or how you look. It’s about how you treat other people and the way that others treat you. In many ways, behavior is your personality.

Every human being has some specific behavior suppose you deal with children you need some politeness but if you are leading a troop of the army you need totally different behavior.

Behaviour is more than just doing things — it includes all those little things which add up to make an individual unique from others. Leadership behavior must reflect on your personality.

Behaviour is the mirror in which everyone shows their image_ Johann W Von

Communications: Cash is no more King, Communications is the king, Leadership is not defined by your school and college marks, it defined by your communications skills. How do you communicate your vision with your fellow ones, Don’t communicate in your language, communicate in what situations demanded.

It is the key to good leadership, and it’s also a fundamental part of what makes you a leader. Communication is what makes you stand out from other people, it’s how people see you, and it’s how they perceive your ideas and goals.

Communication skills are essential for success as a leader because they help build trust between all parties involved in an organization — you need them if you want others on your team or even just one person within an organization (e.g., yourself) to support what needs doing by providing feedback about progress made so far along this journey called life!


Now, ABC of Leadership, you have all the information to improve your leadership basic skills. The three steps that we discussed here are not hard to implement in your daily life! As a leader, you should always remember that being a good communicator is key for any business or organization. Whether it’s spoken word or written communication — make sure your word is clear and concise so people can understand what they heard clearly without confusion or misunderstandings.

It’s also a great way to start off your day by doing something good for yourself, and then you can move on with your day with a sense of purpose! The article is originally published Medium. Thank you for reading.

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