8 Powerful Quotes by Melinda Gates for the Women

Let’s read and remember all 8 powerful quotes by Melinda Gates’s wisdom will change your perspective towards Women.

There is no need to introduce Melinda gates; here I am introducing her wisdom for the Women.

Women have many forms in our society; these eight quotes define her ability, curiosity, power of perseverance, passion, and kindness towards human beings.

“All women, everywhere, have the same hopes: we want to be self-sufficient and create better lives for ourselves and our loved ones. “

Yes, we know that Women are the creator of these beautiful humans on this planet, along with you and me. Every woman has self-sufficient create a better life for her and her loved ones; we need to support her throughout the journey.

” A woman with a voice is, by definition, a strong woman. But the search to find that voice can be remarkably difficult.”

Every Man on this planet must understand and remember it for his whole life; generally, we are living in a patriarchal society where there is no encouragement and hope for women,

Man always tries to suppress her, but when women try to raise her voice, history can create, There are umpteen examples around us, and even you can see some global celebrities like Malala Yousafzai, Oprah Winfrey these two personalities there is no need for introduction, despite all odds they raised her voice and today world respects her. They found Billion Dollar foundation of Billions Of People.

” Women and girls should be able to determine their own future, no matter where they’re born.”

Every woman or girl decides her future oneself, as a father, husband, and brother, we don’t need to interrupt her, this year I have become the father of the baby girl, and I will commit to giving her full freedom whatever she wants to do for her life, my only role is to strengthen her decision.

” When we invest in women and girls, we are investing in the people who invest in everyone else.”

Everybody investing in the Stock market (I am also one of them). Real State, Gold, but real investment is investing in woman or girl. Your next generation will get the best ROI, So invest in the girl, and She is an asset, not a liability.

“It’s the mark of a backward society - or a society moving backward - when decisions are made for women by men.”

If you are reading as a father, husband, brother, and friend of any girl or woman, do not take any decision for her. You can give the full freedom or support her decision; there is very little participation in any activities by the girls in our society. This is the sign of a male-dominant society, Which is not good for any society.

“When women are trying to decide whether we should stand up, we don’t know if others will stand with us. It often takes many women, arms linked, to inspire other women to speak.”

As a woman, you will not be afraid to raise your voice. Yes, some people support you or drag you. It depends on your willpower and determination to lead and connect the other people to support the decision.

“Limiting women’s power keeps everyone poor. Fortunately, as a society becomes better off, a woman’s position in that society improves.”

Never limit the women’s power; it will make you tame or poor, its no matter how wealthy or rich you are, empower the women to empower society.

Disrespect for women grows when men dominate religions.

Melinda Gates has given many quotes on women’s empowerment, but I have picked a few of them. I hope it will change your perspective towards women. Any contrarian and support, please write in the comment section. The article is originally published on Author’s Medium profile. Thank You for reading.

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