31 Ways To Score Your Love With a Woman

The following love list keeps your partner’s love tank full and responsible.

All the 31 ways help you a lot. My wife always amazed by my response. The way I respect, respond, listen and love her, all the beautiful things that happened in our relationship. Because I always remembered all the 31ways in my mind and implemented them from time to time.

I have collected it from the book called “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus” by John Gray and added my personal experienced.

  1. When you are returning home, the first thing you do anything else, hug her first.
  2. Please give her a surprise and gift on a special occasion.
  3. Ask her specific question if she has suffered from one of them.
  4. Practice the art of listening and asking questions.
  5. Take a dancing class together or any other hobbies.
  6. Give her undivided 20 minutes to her.
  7. Please do not listen to her to reply; listen to understand her.
  8. Plan a date one week before.
  9. Sometimes offer to make dinner, but (I don’t know how to cook, so I do offer to wash the dish.)
  10. Compliment her on how she is looking
  11. Respect her feeling and upset, try to know the reason behind upset
  12. Help her when she is tired.
  13. On travelling, always carry her bag.
  14. Please make a list for her on the journey.
  15. When you are going to be late, always inform her.
  16. When she is asking for help, always help her.
  17. When her feeling have been hurt, say sorry, do not argue.
  18. Offer to build a fire in wintertime
  19. When she talks to you, give your full attention.
  20. Going for a market always ask her preference.
  21. Ask her when she is planning to take a nap.
  22. Try to give her hugs a day, at least.
  23. Call her to ask how she is or to share something exciting from the office.
  24. Tell her I love you two times a day.
  25. Make her bed and clean up the Bedroom.
  26. Please do not give her a chance to wash your socks and shoes.
  27. Empty yourself the Rubbish Bin
  28. When you are out of town, call her.
  29. Surprise her occasionally with a love note or poem.
  30. Wash your car and clean the interior before having a date.
  31. Clean up your body before having sex or intimacy.

Final Thought:
I hope you learn something new, and you will be implementing it with your loved ones; add your favourite love the way in the comment section. The article is originally published on Medium. Thank you for reading!

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