10 Lessons From Google Boy of India

Let’s read the 10 lessons from Google boy of India.

He is only 14 years old, but his knowledge and wisdom change your life.

I knew about this little boy’s name Kautilya Pandit, 5 years ago, and I forget it, but in-between, he has achieved every award even you can not think which awards he does not have. Recently, I watched his video on social media then I plan to write about him.

What was the experience of meeting Late Dr. A P J Kalam?

It was a great experience; it’s a great honor for me because what he achieved after facing a struggle is an inspiration for everyone. Whenever I get the opportunity to meet with a person like him, I feel excited, and I try to observe how he replies and listens. These things we can not learn in any school or college.

You are so intelligent; your reply is not a lookalike of a 14-year-old boy.

Sir, talent is not something you are born with; it is if you see everyone have some particular talent in a specific field. So it would be best if you nourished them. Do not try to mold them; give them the liberty they will try to know themself then they can achieve anything.

Ever happened you did not come first in the class:

I never focused on the marks, and before class seven, I always did not come 1st in the class; sometimes, I came first. But I never focused on coming 1st in the class because I focused on the knowledge. After all, school syllabus marks do not define your success.

Here are 10 lessons that we can learn from him:
1) Believe in yourself
2) Follow your dreams
3) Never give up
4) Be persistent
5) Be curious
6) Be passionate
7) Learn from your mistakes
8) Have a vision
9) Think outside the box
10) Enjoy the journey


Google boy of India is only 14 years old, but his knowledge and wisdom change your life. He has achieved something that most people can only dream of.
Other children can learn from Google boy of India that it is never too early to start following your dreams. You can achieve anything you set your mind to, as long as you believe in yourself and are willing to work hard. Google boy of India is a great role model for children worldwide. If you want to know more about Google Boy, watch it. Anything extra, please add it in the comment section. The article is originally published on Medium. Thank You for reading.


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